Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

General terms T.A.D. Online Store


T.A.D. with organization identity nr. 802501-8345 and email address kontakt@togetheragainstdiabetes.se is responsible for the online store connected to www.togetheragainstdiabetes.se.

By purchasing at the T.A.D. Online Store, registering an account with T.A.D. or in any other way visiting or using T.A.D. Online Store, you accept our Terms and Conditions and guarantee that personal information relating to you is authentic.

We have the legal right to change these General Terms and Conditions and any changes we make will take effect at the earliest 30 days after the changes have been made public via the T.A.D. Online Store.


To purchase at T.A.D. Online Store you must be at least 18 years old or have written permission of parent or guardian.

When you have completed your purchase at T.A.D. Online Store you will receive a written order confirmation via email from T.A.D. Online Store.

All purchases at T.A.D. Online Store are legally binding. If you make a purchase by mistake and wish to cancel it, you must contact us via email - admin@togetheragainstdiabetes.se.

Prices and costs

All prices displayed at T.A.D. Online Store are in Swedish Krona SEK. VAT reduction cannot be utilized in connection with purchase or other transactions due to T.A.D. being a voluntary organization and therefore VAT free.

Shipping costs of 14 – 42 SEK or more are added to your purchase depending on which item/s are purchased. Shipping costs will be displayed in your digital shopping basket before you complete your purchase.

We reserve the right to alter costs and hereby state that mistaken information may appear on T.A.D. Online Store and associated website.

Payment options

- Invoice payment

Private individuals:
- Credit card payment using VISA or Master Card
- Direct payment via Swedbank Internet Bank
- Swish

Delivery and right to termination of purchase in the event of late delivery

All effort is made to send your purchased items as fast as possible, at the latest 8 days after order date. This means a delivery time of 1-2 weeks within Sweden and 2-3 weeks with EU, other destinations 3-4 weeks. Deviations in stated delivery times may arise in which case we will contact you and state renewed delivery date. Naturally we will do everything on our power to deliver your purchased items as fast as possible. You have the right to terminate your purchase if delivery delays are unacceptable to you. If you have not received your purchased items within 30 days from order date you have the right to terminate your purchase if you and T.A.D. Online Store can not agree on an acceptable delivery date.  If you terminate your purchase we will refund your costs at the latest 14 days after we receive information that you wish to terminate your purchase.

If an item is not in stock, we will inform you. We will also provide delivery information relating to that item. When the missing item arrives in stock we will send it to you without delay. If you wish to remove the missing item from your order, contact T.A.D. Online Store. See contact information above.

Situations may arise that make it impossible for T.A.D. Online Store to complete an order, for example, if a supplier cannot meet its agreed commitments to T.A.D. Online Store. We reserve the right to avoid compensation demands from you if such a situation arises. We also reserve the right to avoid compensation demands from you if an item is removed from the T.A.D. Online Store assortment.  

Regret purchase and return

You have 14 days right-to-return on any items you have purchased from T.A.D. Online Store. You excercise your right-to-return by sending an email to us at admin@togetheragainstdiabetes.se within 14 days of your receipt of the item/s. You can also use a standard form available at the Swedish Consumer Protection Authority (www.konsumentverket.se).

If you wish to return purchased items, you are responsible for paying return shipping and any related costs. Returned items sent C.O.D will not be signed out. You are also responsible for any items damaged or lost while in transit. Please return purchased items in the original packaging if possible and indicate your order number. If you wish to change one purchased item for another, please state which item you wish to change to.

On condition that we have received your notification and the returned item, or documented evidence that it has been returned to us, we will refund the amount that you have paid for the item and other costs incurred including shipping costs. Refund deduction may be necessary if you have handled the item incorrectly so as to diminish its value.  

If you contact us before your order has been handled for shipping we can cancel your order. Please note that if you wish to cancel your order, it is not cancelled until we have confirmed your request for cancellation.

If you have questions regarding your right to regret purchase and return items, please contact T.A.D. Online Store at kontakt@togetheragainstdiabetes.se and we will try to help you.

Right to reclaim

You have the right to return an item and reclaim the cost of that item for six months after receipt of purchased item on condition that the item was faulty or damaged when you received it.

We wish to be notified within reasonable time of discovery of the fault or damage if you wish to reclaim costs. 14 days from discovery can be judged as reasonable time. If you, by instruction of Together Against Diabetes, are requested to return the purchased item, please send it to:

Together Against Diabetes

Ringtrastvägen 12

352 42 Växjö



When we have received the item, we will determine if the item is faulty or damaged as a result of negligence on our part. If so, we will provide compensation as soon as possible and at the latest 14 days after we have received the returned item from you.  

Please note that you are responsible for risk costs incurred when you return and reclaim costs for a returned item. This means that if the item is damaged or lost during transport due to negligence on your part, you are responsible and therefore responsible for costs incurred. You are also responsible for return shipping costs for the purchased items that you are returning but if we approve your claim we will provide full compensation for all costs incurred, including shipping costs. In the event of your having to return a purchased item, please include receipts for all costs incurred as a result of your item costs and reclaiming/returning/shipping expenses.

Personal information policy

T.A.D. Online Store will manage your personal information securely. It is our responsibility to manage your personal information due to our obligations towards you as our customer to T.A.D. Online Store and other services rendered. No third party has access to the personal information you provide in conjunction with your order other than parties involved in delivery and purchased item identity. This means that we will not sell or otherwise share your personal information with parties not involved under contract with your purchase.

Our ambition is to retain you as customer to T.A.D. Online Store, visitor to our website or user of our products and services. We manage your personal information for the purpose of providing you with relevant information, offers and services from us. Any information regarding the products and services from T.A.D. Online Store will be sent using the contact information you have provided. By approving these conditions you accept that we may send relevant information to you. You may unsubscribe to this information by informing us via email or via the ’unsubscribe’ option that accompanies each communication.

T.A.D. Online Store retains personal information that you have shared with us directly or indirectly through the ordering process or other contact with us regarding our services and offers. It can include your name, address, ID number, phone numbers and email address. We will retain your personal information during the time you are a customer at T.A.D. Online Store and avail of our offers and services.

By accepting these terms and other terms relating to the use of our website or T.A.D. Online Store, you agree that we may retain your personal information as described above. You have the right to enquire one time per year what personal information we retain and how it is used. Your enquiry should be in writing and sent to kontakt@togetheragainstdiabetes.se. You also have the right to request, in writing, that we alter details of your personal information and you can at any time revoke your agreement to these terms.


We use cookies on the website for T.A.D. Online Store. When you visit T.A.D. Online Store cookies are saved on your computer. A cookie is a file that contains an identity from a web browser. No personal information is stored. We use session cookies. These are used to monitor your login when you are logged in and your shopping basket when you purchase items. Session cookies are not stored for a long period in your computer. They are removed when you close your web browser.

By allowing your web browser to accept cookies and by visiting our website you accept our use of cookies. If you do not accept use of cookies you can set your web browser so that it denies use of cookies or that it informs you when a website is using cookies. If you deactivate cookies you will not be able to purchase items at T.A.D. Online Store since both the shopping basket and login needs cookies in order to function. However, you can view T.A.D. Online Store without activating cookies.


Your rights and obligations attained through your purchase at T.A.D. Online Store and these terms and conditions may not be passed on by you to a third party. However, T.A.D. Online Store is free to transfer our rights and obligations according to these general terms and conditions.

Regarding law and dispute resolution

Swedish law applies these general terms and conditions and any eventual disputes shall be settled in a Swedish Court of Law.