Torsten Jansson

Torsten is the principal owner and CEO for New Wave Group AB and one of Sweden’s most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. New Wave Group AB owns several well-known brands in the promotional items industry, sport, gift and interior design sectors. It has a turnover of 550 million USD and sells its products to a global market.

Torsten is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.

Johnny Ludvigsson

One of Scandinavia’s most prominent diabetes researchers and doctors.

 Johnny Ludvigsson is professor at Linköpings University Pediatric Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine and chief doctor at Linköping University Hospital. He is also a founder and chairman of the board of Barndiabetesfonden (Swedish Children’s Diabetes Foundation).

Johnny is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.


Björn Eriksson

Makes a difference and contributes to the development of authorities and sports organizations.

 Björn has been Managing Director for Swedish Customs Authority and Coastguard, Chief of Police, President for Interpool and Governor of Östergötland. In the area of sports he has been Chairman of the Swedish Winter Biathlon Association, committee member of Martial Arts Delegation and chairman of the Swedish Athletics Federation. Today, Björn works with the                                                              Swedish Sports Association.

                                                       Björn is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.



Sofia Larsson-Stern

The most prominent diabetes blogger in Sweden. Sofia Larsson-Stern has lived with Type 1 diabetes since 2008 and has run the blog since 2014. Outside her work with the blog she gives lectures about life with diabetes at companies and hospitals, works as a consultant for companies working with diabetes and networks with international diabetes personalities. She also organizes events and makes regular appearances in Swedish media.

                                                       Sofia is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.

Elisabeth is Vice President and global head of late phase development for Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Chronic Kidney Disease since 2012. Prior to this, Elisabeth led the development of Dapagliflozin, a first-in-class diabetes drug and has also been involved in the development of several other key products/drugs.

In 2014, Elisabeth moved back to Sweden after spending seven years in the US at the AstraZeneca US R&D site. She was then appointed scientific leader for the research site at Gothenburg. Elisabeth is an endocrinologist by training and an associate professor of medicine                                                        at Uppsala University, and was Head of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit at the University                                                        Hospital, Uppsala, before joining AstraZeneca in 2002.

                                                      Elisabeth is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.

Fredrik Särnehed

Fredrik Särnehed is a successful entrepreneur who fostered Dinair from a tiny company into one of the biggest filtercompanies i all of Europe.

Now he has just sold the very successful Dinair Group. Fredrik is a father to Mathilda, which has type 1-diabetes. Fredrik wants to spend more of his time creating more awareness of type 1-diabetes and thus being a aprt of solving the riddle to the disease.

                                                       "My biggest wish is to solve this riddle so that our children and adults can be healthy" 

                                                       Fredrik is a proud ambassador of Together Against Diabetes.