100% av det insamlade går dit det ska tack vare helt ideéllt arbete tillsammans mot diabetes!


My name is Elin and I am 17. I got Type1 (juvenile) diabetes when I was 10. I know what it means to live with Type 1 diabetes. Day and night, I have to check my blood sugar level and inject insulin to keep my body in balance. I often meet people with pre-conceived ideas about what Type 1 diabetes is, and I am always surprised at how little people know about the condition.
I started Together Against Diabetes to help spread information and make people more aware of Type 1 diabetes. I want to see progress and make a difference.
On this website, you have a chance to buy stylish accessories, gift card or make a donation.
Let us be Together Against Diabetes. Spread the word! Tell everybody you know!


Our symbol

People with Type 1 diabetes have to check and regulate their glucose (blood sugar) level around the clock every single day. Their glucose level cannot be too high or too low. This means testing their glucose level 6 – 10 times every day. 2200 – 3600 blood tests per year just to make sure their glucose level is normal.

Glucose is vital to the survival of a person with Type 1 diabetes. That is why we have chosen the glucose molecule as the inspiration for the Together Against Diabetes symbol.

*The Together Against Diabetes logo and symbol was created by designer Imbi Krutrök. Like everybody involved in the Together Against Diabetes project, her work and dedication has been 100% voluntary.




8000 children in Sweden have diabetes. When a child gets diabetes it is most often Type 1 diabetes. In normal conditions our immune system works against foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses that are attacking the body. But sometimes it turns inwards and attacks its own host. This is the case with Type 1 diabetes. The cells that produce our insulin are destroyed by our own immune system and the conditions for Type 1 diabetes are in place. This results in a lifelong dependence on insulin.  


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