Thank you!


A heartfelt thank you to the companies and individuals below who have made it possible for me to start Together Against Diabetes

where the proceeds go entirely to Barndiabetesfonden (Swedish Children’s Diabetes Foundation).

Creon Promotion AB has sponsored T.A.D with all the items we sell in our online store and allowed employees to work with T.A.D related activities during working hours.

Photographer Pelle Wahlgren sponsored T.A.D and taken all the fantastic model and product pictures.

 Pelle is an established photographer based just outside Växjö and has many years experience. He has worked all over the world and cooperated with many large companies such as Atlas Copco, Linder, Ikea, Box Distillery, Svenssons Möbler and more.

Megapixel Group AB helped T.A.D by making the film with the chairman of Barndiabetesfonden (Swedish Children’s Diabetes Foundation) Johnny Ludvigsson that you is on the T.A.D main page.

DHL Express sponsors T.A.D by paying the shipping costs from manufacturer to our warehouses in Växjö.

Jocke Dahl works at Creon as a graphic designer and has helped to build the T.A.D website.

‘It’s nice to be part of something that helps a lot of people. Elin’s passion for T.A.D is the driving force’

Sibban is a product designer and developer at Creon. One of his roles in this project is to choose items that T.A.D can sell in the online store. Sibban’s job is to create branded item collections for Creon’s customers, e.g. Atlas Copco. He is the man behind a delux version of Yatsy, called Bratsy, and he has also cooperated with Designtorget.

‘to shed light on the problem of Type 1 diabetes by creating high quality and aesthetically appealing products is an important part of creating awareness of the condition. I hope everybody will like the products’.


The T.A.D symbol and logotype was created by designer Imbi Krutrök.

Linn has helped T.A.D by creating music to one of the films used as campaign material in the fight against diabetes.

Linn is a Swedish pianist with a repertoire that covers an array of genres from barock to modern music. She is active as a solo artist and as part of larger ensembles. Linn grew up in Stockholm and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical music from Malmö College of Music. Since 2016 she has been active in composing and producing film music and music for various marketing projects at Plinniano Productions.